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I still haven´t finished the article about knee rehabilitation exercises. Kill me. Probably will not be done very soon. I am passing through another busy, frustrating, exhausting period in my life so writing was a bit left aside.

I ran for the third time this month. 3 km again, and that puts me with a total of 8, 38 km. And an average pace of 7:31 min per km. I can give you all this information because last year  I received a very useful gift from my wife. A Garmin Forerunner 610, that was not used for it´s purpose since. But I can benefit now of all the reports and figures and plans and percentages that this gadget can show me.

Today I had the most recent run and I have to admit that today the temptation was big. The temptation to give up on my plan of not increasing the distance and just try a 10 km. After 1 km, when I got the breath and stride all right, the thought of a 10 km was getting quite strong. I am happy that I did not. I must be faithful to my plan. Till now it went ok. I must keep this 3 km till I manage to increase a bit the pace and than gradually I will go to 5… 7 and finally 10.

What am I trying to say with this article ? Basically nothing important. I am running, struggle not to go out of the plan and hope that I can maintain the  objectives. That is it. It is more a reminder for myself.

Have a good rest of Sunday !

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