2,37 ! That is the magical number ! 2,37 represents how many kilometers I have ran from the beginning of the year !

Last year by this time I was tapering for Nordmarka Skogsmaraton. This year I have just started running. Yesterday was a gift for the inner child.

2,37 km, not in 1 piece but with breaks and a general pace of 7:58 min/km. I am laughing at this pace , but in the same time I am quite happy. I will tell you why : I started running almost 2 years ago. Not quite 2 but almost. Before that, to run 2 km was a dream. Now I am running 2 km, even in a such a lousy pace as a part of my rehabilitation ! Therefore I am happy ! The run went good, I have absolutely no pain and I am happy as I can be.

Running after 6 months was good. I was a bit nervous but happy in the same time. I started running from the house and had the luck of getting a relatively good weather.

Next steps :

1. Finish that article that I am talking about for some time now regarding the exercises I am doing for my knee.

2. Doing some more of those exercises.

3. RUN ! I am going to go out again somewhere at the end of the week and keep it low distance wise and pace wise. Running a bit, walking a bit, skipping a bit. Maybe I reach 3-4 km.

Did I told you I am happy ?

What do you think ?

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