What my injury taught me !

To start with the good news : I am just about 10 days before jogging first time this year. After 6 months of no running … yes 6 months … I will run again.

I have been quite busy lately so I haven’t got time to post anything. Soon things will be calmer, I hope and I will write more about my rehabilitation program.

I do have to mention that it was 6 months just because it took me 3 months to figure out what is the problem and not because it is something very bad. I had to see some doctors, deny an arthroscopy, ask for second opinions and that took time.

It was a learning point. It was not enough learning with the marathon training I needed supplementary lessons, apparently.

One of my biggest flaws is my lack of patience. I want things and I want it now. I can´t be bothered to wait.   Well, during the marathon training I learned that it can´t be like that and patience is required. Who ever says “you just have to want it …” obviously never trained for a marathon. The mind is important but if you try a marathon without training the body for it, the mind can want as much as she wants, the body will not be able to do it ! However, the mind it is very important when you start from no run to marathon. You really need to want to train. You might want to do the marathon but the key is to want to train.

My injury came just because again I wanted things fast, and without putting the right amount of training in it. I thought that if I have done a marathon I am good. I was not. And I had to learn to be patient and take things step by step. In stead of training now for the first ultra … yes I had that in mind for this year … I am now re-learning to run.

I see this in a very positive way. I think this injury made me a better runner than 6 months of actually running would have done for me. I now know what I need to be careful with, what should I train, and more important I learned to listen to the damn body. Which told me in several occasions that I have some issues with the knee but I could not be bothered. That was not in my plans , and I did not listened. Now I do 🙂

Looking forward to the first jogging session. I am a bit nervous about it I have to confess, but fingers crossed ! Take care ! Listen to the body ! He is your buddy ! Wise words that I have learned the hard way !

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