Good news !

I am being ironic, I have no good news. I had follow up with my doctor after I had the MR to the knee.

Short version : 2 months of break and than we see what we do. If meanwhile it still hurts I should go and see the doc again. In the MR they see but a small “artefact” that they can´t figure out where is it from, but should not cause me this type of problems.

To be honest, I was very disappointed. Why ? Because it hurts. Because I can´t move properly now and it hurts even without doing anything. Not to mention that I am not running for 1 month, now I should wait 2 more months and I don´t really know why.

Not to mention that at this moment in my life running was the only thing that I enjoyed doing. I might not be very good at it, not the fastest, not the most resistant for sure, but I like it. I can´t do it and I do not know why.

Running helped me to cope with everything else that it is happening in my life. To cope with the struggle of being a Romanian in Norway and having to constantly explain the difference between Romanian and gipsies, with the fact that I am not accepted to any interviews, even if I am qualified and have experience in the positions that I am applying. Helped me to get to know people, to make acquaintances and to socialise. Helped me also with my Norwegian skills and motivated me in continuing learning this language that seems adamantine !

I will stop here my ranting, for which I apologise. This was not the purpose of the blog, but I have a lot on my plate.

I need to regroup,  think and see what I can do at this moment. I am thinking of going to a different doctor, getting different opinions and see what is the best option for my running at this particular moment.

2 thoughts on “Good news !

    • Thank you ! Meanwhile I got ( my wife got it for me) an appointment to a specialist. Apparently this is how doctors work in Norway. You need to push them to give you what you need …


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