The frustration !

Oh the frustration ! I am frustrated. I am because I can´t run, can´t work out, can´t do anything. My knee hurts even from walking. The hell … hurts even from doing nothing. So … as I can´t do anything … I am getting frustrated. I said in the last article that I will start but the pain came back and I can´t.

I am dreaming workouts, intervals, long slow steady runs and they stay in my dreams. On a different note maybe it si safer for me not to be able to run as the ice around here does not make it very friendly for runners ! But still … I feeling like climbing on the walls !

Another reason for me to be frustrated : Santa Claus was very nice this year … last year and gave me a very nice gift : Garmin Forerunner 610 ! which Garmin Forerunner 610 is used as a normal watch as I can´t run. The horror ! The frustration !

4 thoughts on “The frustration !

  1. Nu mai plange!
    Mergi la sala! Mergi la sala si fa exercitii la stepper. Te vor ajuta sa nu-ti iesi total din forma! Fa forta pt brate, abdomen, spate. Fa ceva sa-ti consumi energia. Fa flotari! Propune-ti sa faci cat mai multe flotari.

    Daca te incalzeste cu ceva, sa stii ca n-am luat extragerea pt Mont Blanc. Eu pot sa alerg da nu am chef! Simt ca n-am nici o motivatie…


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