I am in a reset period. All the injuries, pain and stress that comes with it puts me tired. I am tired of it but in the same time I am quite full of energy as I am not running nor training in any way.

The result from my knee MR came and apparently I have no pathology as my doctor said although the pain and swelling are still there. So I will follow up on it.

However, I will start training. I will start again doing strength exercises and little 5 to 10 km runs. And I have decided not to stress about training too much. Lately I have been upset thinking that I can´t run, can´t train, can´t improve my time and so on. I was sad thinking that I might not be able to run the Half Marathon in Lisbon or Fjellmaraton, or any other race that I am dreaming of.

I do not care anymore. If I can´t run the Half Marathon I will cheer them up ( almost all the family from my wife´s side is running this race ) and take photos.

If I can´t run the Fjellmaraton … c´est la vie. That mountain does not go anywhere and I maybe be able to run later on.

If I can´t run any race this year … again … c´est la vie ! I managed in one year to go from nothing to marathon. I am happy with that. I am in a better shape than ever and my only goal for 2015 it is to be healthy ! I hope I will never forget this and I hope I will never get caught in this competitive spirit which sometimes it is not good. I want to enjoy running and enjoy being healthy. If that brings me races and improving times per certain distances … so be it. If not … so be it.

2 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Mai, nus´cum e cu endorfinele dar de cand nu alerg am capatat un semi comportament de copil de 5 ani 🙂 Am puseuri de energie pe care inainte le eliberam alergand ! Imi vine sa ma urc pe pereti si visez numai antrenamente si curse :)) Succes cu extragerea !


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