The last one for 2014

I had prepared a very nice article about all my running achievements for this year and another one regarding all the running achievements that I will achieve next year. I had to erase both of them.

I shall explain. Long time ago … I am 33 now …so about 10 years ago I had some pain in my left knee. The same knee that I had injured in several occasions during my life. Long story short : diagnosed with gonarthrosis in my left knee. The doctor said that it is not so bad to require surgery.

Recently I had 3 signs that my knee is getting worse :

1. Nordmarka skogsmaraton : the knee gave in at km 33. As there were just 9 km to go I forced it and made it trough.

2. Ørsjødilten : the knee gave in at around 13-14 km. I limped 7 km to the finish.

3. Ribbemaraton (27th of December) : I started in a very good pace for me. I made it trough till km 13. There the knee started to hurt and by km 14 I could not bend my knee and soon I started feeling my hip getting stuck. I reckon my body was trying to compensate the lack of mobility in the knee from the hip. End of story : DNF. I had to quit at km 15:37. i felt very bad and I still do. I was feeling good running, after 15 km I was breathing properly, no pain in the muscles, was not that far behind the main group of runners and felt good about the run. That was till the knee decided to change the day !

Conclusion : Saturday I have an MR to my knee. I will know more after that. I will not disclose my full plan for next year as I am not sure if I will be ok to run. I hope at least the half marathon in Lisbon I will be ok to do. As it looks now the Fjellmaraton it is out of the question.

I will finish here and wish you all a Happy New Year ! I wish you to have a lot of great races in 2015 and overall to enjoy running ! See you next year !

A marathon runner !

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