Hurrah for the snow !

Finally the snow came. It tried for a couple of days but today finally the snow arrived. It snows since morning and we have by now a good 10-15 cm layer.

I like snow. At least I like snow better than the ice cold rain we have had the last days. At least from snow I don´t get so wet. Let´s hope the snow lasts. I want a white Christmas. That is why I moved to Norway !

As this blog is called I might give you some information regarding my running. Did not happen. I went from bad luck to bad luck and lately we had dog emergency issues that made us take the dog midnight Sunday and rush to the emergency vet, than I had a nasty tooth problem that caused me a good 2 weeks of incapacity of doing serious effort. I still have managed to get 2-3 sessions of strength exercises so I am not loosing it completely. Now that the tooth is done, the dog is also good I will start running again.

Running on snow … this is how I started this year in January and I have to say that the snow it does not bother me. Unless it is fresh and I am the one doing the path. Than it is not so fun. But other than that I enjoy it. I don´t usually slip, and I reckon I should put that on my weight , at least it is useful at something.

In the next period I will take a bit of a break, meaning that will be quite quiet around here. I am preparing to get older and not necessarily wiser. I will just enjoy December, my favourite month of the year. I am planning a long run on my birthday, than I have the marathon on 27th, and meanwhile I will try to join SkiLøperne as much as I can.  Will update you from time to time and than we start fresh in January.

Enjoy the winter, enjoy the Christmas, and the snow if you have !

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