My first half marathon -Ørsjødilten

I ran a half marathon. I am not sure if I should put this race in DNF for a matter of fact. DNF stands for did not finished. But let me start with the beginning.

The race was very nice. Organised somewhere around a lake at border with Sweden, local community, small number of participants, cosy, relaxed. Nice environment.

The path : absolutely hell. Beautiful hell, indeed, but still hell. Strava gives me a 238 elevation, but judging by myself I reckon was more. The race put us trough some nice forest roads combined with trail parts. A bit in the style of Nordmarka Skogsmarathon but more trail involved. The weather was good, around 12 degrees, no rain but the wind blew quite nasty. And very wet due to the last weeks of rain.

The race started and till 14 km I was very good. With the time I have done till 11 km I was to go below 2 hours. But in 13th km I started feeling my left knee. My left knee has an old injury, actually a series of injuries and last time I checked it, long time ago, the doctor told me that I will eventually have to do a surgery but not than. His conclusion was : your knee is bad but not that bad to justify an intervention. Wait till it gets worse and than you come back. This was some 10 years ago.

I have ignored it till now but I reckon it is time for me to check it again. And so, from the 13th-14 th km I slowed down till literally limping along the path and had tears in my eyes because of the pain. I had the pain in the knee and the cramps in my right leg because I was forcing it.

I was close to call Glenn to send a car to pick me up from the road. But than I thought … I might crawl and finish it.

I got a lesson out of the race though : regardless if I know the path or not, I need to check the profile. In this race I had no clue how is it so I kind of pushed from the beginning till my knee cracked. Maybe knowing the profile would of gave me the chance of having a smarter race strategy.

So my race finished with me in great pain, icepack compression on my knee and a sorrow feeling. I would consider it a DNF, but than again my time for the first half marathon is so bad that for sure I am going to improve it with a lot in the second one 🙂

I guess it is back to training, take it easy and build again on the distance. I felt yesterday overall weak, way weaker than I was before Nordmarka Skogsmarathon. So I need to shape up, check my knee and have better race strategies. Let´s run some more !

And by the way : all this happened because of Glenn. In his own style, a Sunday before the race he´s send a message asking if I don´t want to do a half marathon with him. He is currently injured himself having a doctor´s appointment tomorrow. I could not say no, so that is how I had a week to prepare a race I had no clue about.

3 thoughts on “My first half marathon -Ørsjødilten

  1. Congrats! Sorry it was so hellish, but you got it done. My first 26.2 was brutal. I was so injured that it took almost 7 hours. I was so sore and my feet so bloody, but I got it done. And since then I’ve learned a lot and become a much stronger runner. Go get it!

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