Inspiring or dumb ?

Last weekend while running the Hytteplanmila I have seen an image that left me puzzled. I don´t know how to feel about what I have seen.

As I was running towards the finish line there was this little girl that passed in front of me. I am not very good to judge ages but she could of been 13 … 14 .. . maybe even 15. Teenager.

What grabbed my attention was the way she was holding one of her arms : bended from elbow, up, close to her chest, without moving it and with some scratches on her hand. Looking at her it was obvious that she was in pain. Why do I say that ? Because I could see her tears.

In front of her was a guy that had a gopro on his back and he was filming her. At some point he turn off the camera and came in line with the girl and started encouraging her. Judging by the age difference in between them I would say he was her dad. Even if he was not her dad, he knew her and being the adult she was in his responsibility.

What does this image tells you ? The Norwegian toughness ? Run even if you are injured and do your best ! Or more like the adult was supposed to stop her and seek medical assistance ?

I know we don´t know all the details and maybe he actually checked her and saw that there is nothing to it … or maybe he just pushed her to continue regardless of the injury … we don´t know ! What is your view on it ? I am puzzled. And by the way, she passed the finish line just seconds before me.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring or dumb ?

  1. Hard to tell.
    But I like to believe that a parent would push a kid to finish a race if said was in pain.
    Sometimes kids are stubborn and like to push it a bit over the limits of what’s safe.
    Hard to tell.
    Let’s hope common sense was present on that episode.


    • I would say it was. Common sense I mean. And I would say it was the kids decision to push. And that is inspiring. however my wife´s first and only reaction was : this is wrong.She should have been stopped.
      I see both points of view and I am in between 🙂 But that is why I wanted other views on it. And than is more something like :at what age are should you be aloud to be stubborn ?


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