Hytteplanmila 2014

My first Hytteplanmila ever. And I can say that I like it. Hytte in norwegian means cottage. Just google it and in the image search you will find enough images to understand. Hytteplanmila takes place in a very nice scenery. Although is in October the weather was not so bad. Rainy and I would say below 10. From start till 4th km there is a slight uphill, very very gentle, followed by a downhill that puts you with speed. At 6 km the race is flat again and the only slight uphill that comes is in the last km culminating with the last 200 m where there is quite a climb.

More about it on there website : http://www.hytteplanmila.no/index.htm .

My race : As I started I felt quite bad. In the first 4 km I was not enjoying very much and just sort of resigned on the fact that I will not even be close to my PR. Could not catch my breathe and I found the cold air very disturbing and felt a bit of a pain in my throat. I was with my eyes on the 50 min ballon and was checking the 52:30 that was in my back.

By the way, I filmed it using the gopro, but as it appears I kind of have a lot of clouds filmed. I had the go pro pointing up and did not really get any good shots. I need to check it carefully and see all the footage. Which is not going to be today.

Close to 4th km I noticed that my tempo ballon (the 50 min ) was getting far away and noticing the downhill I pushed. I managed to cover some distance and I was quite happy. I started to fill good. And from there I started to try to get close to the 50 min ballon. I could not. I got as close as 50 m but I lost it again.

By km 7 I was again not feeling good and had to reduce a bit the pace. I also knew that the last km is somehow up and the last hundreds of meters are very steep so I calmed down.

And I did good as I managed to have the last km being the second fastest in the race.

Statistics :

The race had splits : 5k , 9.8 k and 10k. Why like that ? Because of the steep climb at the end. I had an average of 5:05 km in the first 5, I had 5:08 min/km till 9.8 and I had 3:54 min/km in the last 200 min that speed getting me on the position 120 out of the 1500 participants for the finishing sprint.

I managed a 50:56 which improved my PR with about 2 min. I finished 1087 out of 1502. To be honest I am a bit frustrated with the 0:56 sec that kept me away from breaking the 50 min barrier. But considering how much I ran in the last period and how much I trained I am happy. There is still to come 1 race at least this year and I think I can finally break that limit. Now I am finally training !

I think this is one the most important races for me till now because I have learned some things : first I have learned that I need to be more careful when setting my camera so I dont film the clouds 🙂 .

But I learned that a strong runner and extrapolating person is not just the one that runs good when he/she is 100%. But the one that runs …or does whatever he/she is doing even if the things are not going as it should be. I can´t just wait for the 100% moment as it will probably never come. I …and I can say we in general have this weird thing of always wanting more so I will never be satisfied probably, I will always want more … I will always want better shoes, better equipment, better training, better rest … better bowl movements 😀 …or anything else … but I can´t. I just need to run as good as I can given the conditions and enjoy it. And this is what I have done yesterday. I have eventually enjoyed it and I gave almost everything I got. I am still not 100% in , but I am working to that.

I will finish here now. I have some other stories from the race but hey … I also need subjects to write about so I can´t just give everything now !

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