Training plans !

To meet my running goals for next year, which are not 100 % set, I need to think about my training. I say not 100% as I am still considering a race or 2, and I am still considering my goals per each race.

For Nordmarka Skogsmaraton 2014 I had developed my own training plan. The training plan was roughly 6 months and had 3 training days a week : 1 shorter run, 1 longer run, 1 strength. Being an absolute beginner, that could barely run 10k, my first weeks were building on 10k. I started with shorter 5 k, longer 7k for 2 weeks and gradually increased the distance till I reached shorter run of 15 and longer run of 22 km. No intervals, no hills, but pure running.

Do not forget that I was not training for any time goal, I was training to be able to finish the bloody thing. In my strength training I used everything I could remember we were doing in training when I practiced judo. I did that for about 2 years as teenager.

Having access to a sort of private gym I combined push ups, squats, abdominal with  Kettlebell exercises . I kept my plan till April and than got injured ( non running related) so I lost the momentum. As I mentioned before, after my injury I started running with SkiJoggerne and I had to increase my tempo, and I included some intervals in my training.

So my training plan was mixed. Was it successful ? I say yes. My goal for the marathon was below 6 h, even if by 1 sec. That is because the race was closing after 6 hours. I managed 5h 29min. Some of you might also say that 3 days a week was not enough. I would argue with that because as I got closer to the marathon day I started feeling tired. I think for my level of fitness the training plan I have done was the best I could have. I feared both under-training and over-training but at the end I balanced it quite ok.

But for next year things are different. I am no longer a beginner I am a marathon runner – insert feeling proud emoticon 😀 . I am registered already for a half and a full marathon considering some other races.

How should I do my training plan ? What is my main objective ? I am not sure yet. Should I set a time goal on my marathon ? Fjellmaraton is not necessarily an easy marathon. Winners time is close to 2h 50 min for men. That makes this marathon not a fast one. And if you take a look at the race profile  you see that it is a first half uphill. So I have to do a halfmarathon uphill and than see if I am still alive to continue 🙂


I also have to bear in mind that before Fjellmaraton I will run the Lisbon Half Marathon. Which is described as : “The course reaches its pinnacle with the crossing of the Bridge 25th of April. Speaking in competitive terms, the course is flat and very fast. The Start is at the tolls’ square of the bridge and the Finish Line is in front of the Jerónimos Monastery.”

So I might be thinking for a PR (personal record). Between you and me any result will be a PR as I never ran an half marathon officially ! But I have to do good as I heard there have been some betting in some circles that I can do better than 1:50. It might be as in training my best till now for 22 km was 1:43. So I am thinking on a flat course I can …I should be able to go faster.

I think that the training should be focused on the marathon. And that will give me speed for the half. But will it?

I started reading and just today I found an article quite interesting :

I am considering a mix of long runs, tempo, intervals and hill, combined with strength & flexibility training. But how long should it be the long runs, how fast the tempos, what type of intervals ? I am still researching.

How would you train ? Any materials on marathon training that can be used ? Thanks a million !

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