Running music

Personally I can´t run with music. Not that I do not like it, but I have a strange sensibility in my years that does not allow me to use headphones. Some of my former colleagues from Lisbon might be able to tell you how I got this sensibility but that is another story. Also if I can´t hear what is happening near me, especially on trails I sort of panic !

However I was searching out of curiosity to see what do I get searching after “running music” on youtube ! And this is what I got :

I wasn´t brave enough to continue. I must have slept during the last musical decade but where did the music went ? untz untz does not tickle anything in me to make me run. And for sure “…now it is time to release yourself…” will not make any good to my stride ! This is how the last video starts.

If I would be able to listen to music while running I would definitely go towards something more … musical … such as :

Even the name of the song is suggestive ! Or …

Even something like …

My question is : what music you run listening to ? Or what music you use for your strength training ? Am I so old fashion not to like untz untz music ?

4 thoughts on “Running music

  1. The “”untz untz music” doesn’t make me wanna run. If anything, I feel like being at the beach drinking a cocktail and sunbathing or at club.
    I listen to music when I’m working out, but it’s a weird mix of music from the 80’s and earlier and a few new songs I kinda like, like this one:

    Have a nice weekend!


    • They just killed it for me! I like the Killers ! We would be able to train together 🙂 ! Some years ago I had an youtube playlist for training that had mongolian music, some songs from a portuguese band I like named Dazkarieh, Nighwish, Apocalyptica and some other random songs ! Quite weird !


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