Dry season is over !

Finally. Dry season is officially over for me. Had my first run in Ytre Enebakk and felt great. Was a 7 km around the town … or should I say village ? … and I just took it easy. Stopped to check some future running paths and also tested the gopro. Some photos will appear on the Facebook page and maybe if I have time a movies.

I´ve started the week with some strength training, focusing especially on my feet and core and I am glad to see that I had no pain in right foot so I think I am injury free at this moment. Looking forward for Hytteplanmila, where I go with the sole objective of having fun and getting my compression socks !

Running in Ytre Enebakk : fabulous. I just have to do an effort and go a bit earlier. At 8 AM when I went out there were far too many cars on the road for my taste. So I will try 7. Had a pleasant temperature … around 4 degrees, a bit of fog and no wind.

Till next time  !


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