Good september !

September was a good month. Not in running but running related projects as well as traffic on the blog. I have managed to get double the maximum number of views per month till september ! Quite nice !

First it was Skiløpet on 6th and than was the series with Nils from 100k for the Arctic !

Soon running will start again. Hytteplanmilla on 18th, and as soon as our life gets into routines again I will start running. I need routine as we are dealing with a dog that it is being rehabilitated as we speak.

Soon some other projects will appear and some more videos as well. The Gopro people just launched GoPro 4, and I managed to get the Gopro HD Hero 2 ! I need a camera to document how bad I am going to get lost in the woods !

I have updated the Photos page with the latest photos from 100k For the Arctic and also the Videos page it is up to date !

See you on the trails !

What do you think ?

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