100k for the Arctic – Episode 5 !

Another movie with Nils ! If you are worried I can tell you that we are almost there : besides this one I have …3 serious ones and maybe one funny ! He felt during our filming … I have to say that and as I have it on camera I might as well show it !

Nils starts running tonight. At 12:00 there is the start for Nordmarka Ultra-Challenge ! There is an facebook event called “Cheer me over the finish line !” if you want to be with Nils when he finishes ! I would of liked to be there but we are in a full process of moving house and have some other arrangements for the weekend ! Next time Nils ! Next time !

So… if you just open your TV´s now let me tell you what is it about : Nils, a regular guy, father of 3, full job, trained for a gruesome race : 100 k of technical trail running. In order to keep his motivation he thought about fundraising money ! His cause : the Arctic ! Maybe the fact that Nils is an Arctic Adviser working with WWF Norge has something to do with it. I am not sure ! And maybe the fact that he works with WWF … made him choose them as a destination for the funds he raised … not sure again … just a hunch !

As I liked his initiative I wanted to meet him and know him. And than I said you should know him also. So I am doing a “marathon” of 8 videos where Nils answer 1 question at the time ! We are now at number 5 !

Good luck Nils ! Now it is the time for you to enjoy the run ! As much as you can enjoy a 100 km run  🙂

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