100k for the Arctic – Episode 3 !

Why the Arctic is the question in this video ! Why would someone put himself trough so much trouble to help the Arctic ? I was prepared today to spend some time and search and do a very long and documented article about it.

I will not. Why you might think ? From own experience I know now that no one has time to read long articles, that is one thing.

The second reason is as simple as a google search ! Be my guest and google “why is the arctic important” !

The answer :

Arctic sea ice keeps the polar regions cool and helps moderate global climate. Sea ice has a bright surface; 80 percent of the sunlight that strikes it is reflected back into space. As sea ice melts in the summer, it exposes the dark ocean surface

I am sure that this is not the only reason. I am sure that there are more. Nils says something also in the video and I am sure he can say more if you ask. He is an arctic adviser at the end of the day ! If he can´t tell you than who ? So … no more long article ! Conclusions :

1. The Arctic is important !

2. Nils can tell you more.

3. Visit www.facebook.com/100kArctic ! Bug him with questions! Share his page and donate !

Done with speaking. It is time to video :

Help Nils help the Arctic !

What do you think ?

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