100 k for the Arctic – episode 2

Did you like Nils ? And his crazy idea of running for the Arctic! We might even think …pfoa … how can he save the Arctic ? He can´t ! He can´t on his own. But combined efforts of more like Nils would do the trick maybe. You don´t even have to go and run 100k ! To quote someone from facebook : “100k ? To run? I get bored even by car !”

You just have to support this crazy guy ! Check 100 k For the Arctic ! Ask him more questions than I had. I am sure he would like to answer. Although …lets say that this days time is not exactly his greatest resource! But I am sure he will answer if you have questions! Check the page, ask, donate ! Share his efforts !

By the way … some opinions about the videos would not hurt, you know ? Good or bad ! Constructive to be!

Go Nils ! Go !

P.S. After long hours of editing we managed to finish the promotional video also. That is with Nils to make it public but I will steal it just after he publishes ! Keep your eyes open !

What do you think ?

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