100k for the Arctic – episode 1 !

Some time ago I have stumble upon an interesting facebook page ! I thought interesting and I liked it ! 100k for the Arctic is the page. Behind this page is Nils Harley Boisen. I add him as a friend and I was checking his videos and the page and I thought for myself : 100 k and fundraising for the Arctic ! Fabulous … how come I did not have this idea ? I think running on its own is great ! Running with a reason is even greater!

Long story short : A week ago … last Sunday, 14th of September, I was home alone, me and Thor I mean, and I was browsing thinking what can I write about on my blog ? I am not running so I must find something!  So I had an idea ! I get this Nils guy and interview him and so I get an material! Wrote him on the spot, he liked the idea and so we started planning.

Yesterday, Saturday 20 of September, we met at 6:30 somewhere nearby Nordmarka and we spend … some almost 5 hours on the trails! At the end it is not a interview but will be 8 different videos that will form the interview … 1 promotional video for his cause and we took the opportunity to have a photo session as well! There were 89 photos and close to 30 videos !

You will get the videos as I finish them and I have to say something before I publish the first one :

I am not a professional video maker , nor I am a professional photographer ! I like both of them and that is why I offered my help to Nils ! We filmed … using a go pro camera and my iPhone 4. Photos were taken with my Nikon D60 with a 18-200mm lens.

This is Nils. I think he is doing a great job and I support his cause. I have already donate for it ! I ask you, my friends, that are reading this : if you have 1 dolar/euro/crown/pound or whatever your currency might be, donate and help this guy reaching his objective ! If you don´t want to donate, the least you can do is to like and share his page ! Like and share this article ! Like and share the video !

Go to https://www.facebook.com/100kArctic and donate !

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