I am not running.

I am not running. I am getting close to be 2 weeks since last time when I ran. As you can imagine my training plan is ruined and on 18th of October when I will run Hytteplanmila I can forget about improving my time.

What happened ? Well, I think all together … life happened ! Injury, things to do in the house … we are moving soon … course … I started a course and that takes a lot of my time now … and I can´t ever forget that we are rehabilitating a dog. And the dog demands a lot of our time. So all together … I could not run.

And I get sad. I am sad I haven´t run.And when I get like that I think that last year … around this time I started running. And I would run 1 km and die. And slowly I build distance and when I got to run 3 km without stop I felt so good ! And I continued running and meanwhile I ran a marathon.

And that is where I wanted to get. I started running almost 1 year ago. It was september 2013. In the last year I ran more than I ran in my entire life  ! I trained for a marathon and did one. I am registered for my second marathon and I am looking for other races to fill my 2015 !

After a year of running I can say this was the best thing I ever done. Till this moment I was thinking that quitting smoking was the best thing, or traveling was the best thing I ever done , but for now I can say that starting running was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life.

It is good for me physically and mentally. Give me the opportunity of meeting great people and see fabulous places. I have more stamina, I am more dynamic and I would say that I am calmer overall ! I lost weight and even more important my weight is stable as we speak. I had problems with my weight  being very fluctuant … I could of gain 5 kg in 2 days and lose 7 in 3 with no problem. Now I am stable at 90-92.

I am happy to write this. I am happy that I can write this with only 32 years old. I am happy to be able to say this after I have smoked for 13 years of my life. Some years ago I would of never thought of running a marathon.

I am looking forward to write about something even better than running. But till than I am happy with this !

And I am no longer sad that I will not crush my PB on 18th of October , and I am no longer sad that I am not running for 2 weeks. I am a runner, I ran, and I will run again. But sometimes … LIFE  interferes ! But will get back at it and once we move I will create new routines, and discover new places to run !

Happy running !

5 thoughts on “I am not running.

  1. Ma regasesc 100% in ceea ce scrii… Mi se intampla des sa gasesc scuze, motive, motive foarte bune chiar, sa sar peste o alergare!
    Doua saptamani de pauza este prea mult! Dupa doua saptamani e ca si cum o iei de la zero! Corpul nu te mai asculta! Tu stii ca ai putut sa alergi 42km si nu vei intelege de ce ti-e greu sa alergi 5km… Nu e bine!
    Eu mi-am gasit ora! Alerg dimineata la ora 6-6.30. Nu deranjez pe nimeni, nu imi incurca nimeni programul, nu-mi simte nimeni lipsa.
    Ce-i drept, mi-a fost ffff greu sa ma obisnuiesc. Vreo 6 luni mi-a luat… Si nici acum nu stiu daca m-am obisnuit, dar stiu ca asta-i cea mai buna solutie. M-au inspirat “prieteni” de pe fb 🙂 Daca ei pot, trebuie sa pot si eu!
    Alerg, fac repede un dus si fug la servici. Crezi ca mi-e usor? Nu, deloc! Pe la ora 13 ma ia un somn de-mi vine sa dorm cu capul pe birou… Ma chinui dar merita! Alergarea e un drog si cine gusta din el n-are nici o scapare! 🙂
    Acum sunt in drum spre Cheia. Maine alerg 21 km la Ciucas! Abia astept!
    Pe mine concursurile ma tin in priza.

    Mai este putin pana pe 18 oct! Nu e timp de pierdut!

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  2. Will forgive you for now 🙂 Just to answer to your long comment : I know 2 weeks it is a lot but things happened. It is not difficult for me to run when I have a routine … I wake up earlier or go to run in the evening. But when I change my schedule … gets a bit harder. And are some other issues that I need to address ! I know will be rough when I start but for me it is not like I start from scratch again. I can get back into rhythm quite fast. Anyway …good luck with you mountain semi marathon ! Looking forward to hear how was it. In english 🙂 !


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