Dusting the camera !

I am a decent amateur photographer. I like to take photos, however I am aware than I will never be a good photographer.I don´t have the patience, nor the mind set on details, and I have for sure some issues with colours. More with nuances actually. So I will declare myself a decent amateur ! Some of my photos are in the page Photos !, some other photos you can see on my Flickr, while some other photos you will never see 🙂 !

My absolute favourite photo is this one :

inauguration 196

It was taken in the first months of living in Mozambique, in Nacala Porto, a city on coast of the Indian Ocean. First I saw the girl closer to me but while I was preparing to take the picture I saw the other girl and focused on her as I was pressing the button. If you ask what are the dots …so do I ! 

I started discovering this passion in my first payed job. Which was as reporter/ TV producer in a local TV in Constanta, Romania. I never intended to have such a job, but l enjoyed it a lot.  Why am I telling you this ? Although seems that has nothing to do with running, it does ! 

Saturday, 6th of September I will be participating to a race, but from the other side of it. I am not running but helping out the organisers ! I volunteered to be photographer ! So me and my little Nikon D60 with our 18-200 mm lens are going to be photographing the runners in SkiLopet

Will be there together with Laura Skibsted, my good old friend, that agreed on helping out. She is a photographer and for sure has more patience than I do, and a better sense of details. That is not difficult by the way !  Skibsted as in Glenn Skibsted from Glenn M. Skibsted – Oil Paintings, Photography and Articles ! As you can see the entire family is in the art ! 

We will be in Ski´s center on Saturday taking photos and will make available all the photos, for free, trough whatever means the organisers will choose.Flickr … website or whatever other means there are ! Will be posted on the SkiLopet website I suppose ! 

Looking forward to it, and hope that trough our effort will help promoting for the next years ! It is nice after so many years of changing towns, cities, countries, continents, to be a part of a community and to work for a common goal! So if you read this and you are in Norway this weekend … feel free to take your running gear and join us ! I think there are still some places in the 10k ! If not for running, for cheering and having fun ! 


What do you think ?

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