Running !

After a bit more than 10 days (can´t figure out exactly how many more) I ran ! I ran with the dog !

I ran ! I ran about 6 km in a light pace and I am fine. I have no clue how much and how fast as I went naked ( meaning technology naked if you wondered ) ! Felt good. Nice run, nice weather and I am happy to be running again. The foot is not hurting … yet … and I am optimistic about staying like that !

There was another aspect of my run that felt good : I ran. Not as a part of my training schedule, not because I had to, hell I did not even plan to run today ! I just went out and ran ! I am not worried on the time, or how many km, I am just happy I did it. Nice feeling ! 

And I might do it again ! 

I meant to tell you more about running with dogs but I will make it in a separate article. You might wonder what is there to say about running with dogs ? It is not any type of dogs, but running with a reactive dog ! Reactive to what ? Well , mainly other dogs ! And in a Norway where almost every second household has a least one dog, having a reactive one might complicate your life ! 

Until next time …enjoy your running ! 

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