Limping back home !

I was aware of this. I was aware that it will happen at a certain point. And it did. I had to limp back home the last 3 km of my run today.

I went out of the door with the thought in mind to do a longer run, around 20 k and try a PB in the first 10. It went pretty well till 6th, 7th km. I started feeling the numbness I was talking here. I thought it is rather weird  but I kept going. In the 7th km I had to stop for the first time as I felt pain in my right ankle. And the pain went up , catching my Achilles tendon and some muscles in the back of my tibia. Having seen recently some examples of stubborn people who aggravated their injuries by ignoring them, I thought I should learn out of their mistakes so I  decided to stop. The road /track/trail does not run anywhere and  will be waiting for me to fix myself !

It is not a big unbearable pain but I also don´t want to get there. So I am going to invest some time exclusive in my legs and feet strength and will test running in different environments to see if I can connect the pain with something.

Although I was aware of this possibility, I am quite sad. I was running injury free till now. I had an injury while training for the marathon but that was not caused by the running. So my training for Hytteplanmila started promising I might say ! Let´s see how can I get out of this !

Stay free of injuries !


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