Rediscovering myself !

I suspect everyone heard about S&M, right ? And if by S&M you thought about Metallica´s album from 1999, together with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, well … you’re wrong.

I meant the other S&M, but more towards masochist side than to sado. Why do I say this ? It is because of me running in the most stupid moments. Started running this year in January. I had run through the winter. I was so dedicated that I haven’t missed a run till I got injured. I was quite happy even. Worse was the weather outside better I felt going running. It came the good weather … hmm… not so dedicated I tell you. 20 degrees outside and I would rather stay and have a beer, see a movie, play with the dog. Over 30 towards the 35´s ? Fabulous ! I go out and run ! Hotter it goes more dedicated I am. Is this masochism or what ?

This picture I took on Saturday just before I started my run :



Of course it is in the sun and that is not the official temperature, but hei … where do you think I ran ? In the shadow ? Nope!  I had a straight 10 km, mixed asphalt and trail, more asphalt than trail. 1:09:54 accordingly to my Strava with 6:58 average pace and 109 m elevation. I tell you it was so hot that my sweat would evaporate instantly ! After arriving home I felt like someone beat me with a stick over my thighs. I still feel that. But you know what ? I am doing it again !

Because I am a marathon runner ! I really need to find another marathon to run !

What do you think ?

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