Training update !

As I mentioned in a previous article … I mean here, I have set my goals for this year for my running. Not  many races, though. The reason for no  many , to be honest, is the price. In Norway everything is expensive !

But I can do my training regardless of races. I have followed my training plan almost 80% till now and I am happy to say that the running drills and legs strength exercises are working. After second week of drills I notice a change in my running posture. I will keep doing it.

Regarding intervals … hmmm … I am back at the chapter called pain. Oh does it hurt …I have done 2 sessions of intervals one based on my heart rate(HR) and the other one based on sprinting.

The HR intervals : I did on the track nearby my house and I have done 1 x 400 m with 170-180 BPM followed by 1 x 400 m < 160 BPM ( beats per minute ). And I did this till I could not breathe anymore. I chose 170-180 BPM because I noticed that if I pass 180 I can’t sustain the rhythm for too long. My goal is to build on this HR and develop in the future. When I say develop I mean reaching a better pace in the same BPM zone. The goal would be : run faster and more time in 170-180 BPM zone.

The sprinting intervals I chose to do because I think sprinting gives me posture as the body tries to get maximum speed in the 100 m. My sprinting intervals are sprint 100m, jog the rest 300 and then sprint again. Repeat till exhaustion.

I am pretty much sure that there is a more scientific approach to it. I am pretty much sure that there  are better training programs. However this works for me at this moment so I will continue. And I feel the need to say : was not me that invented the drills, nor the intervals. I have read no the net and chose what suited me at this moment.

Run !

What do you think ?

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