I killed them !

I am a runner. In a very official way. I have killed one pair of shoes. I started running with the FiveFingers as I said before, however in the winter I needed something else. The FiveFingers were nice but I would freeze my ass running in them, and I would have big pain in my feet. So I started thinking about a pair of running shoes.

In the first moment I thought …oh God ! more things to buy. I have to say that living in Norway that is the first reaction that one has when it comes to shopping. Everything it´s expensive here. Anyway, going back to the running shoes. As I never thought about running, I also was not aware about the pronation, neutral, minimalist, maximalist and what ever there is out there in term of running shoes. After the first visit to the sports shop I came back home dumber than I left, and without buying anything. Than I thought I might do a test to check my pronation and so I did. Luckily I have a normal foot. What is not so lucky is that I have 2 of them. Why I say that ? because like any other normal human being, I have a small difference in  between my feet. Small it is a way of saying. It is so small, that I need to be careful what foot I try first, and so small that I can´t use all the brands of shoes.

However, I was happy that I did not need any pronation, inclination, special things and I went straight to the normal, street, running shoes section. I had a fabulous luck and got some Nike Lunar Glide in promotion and there was the greatest argument that I could have in buying a pair of running shoes : the price !

So when it comes to buying running shoes I have a set of questions to ask before : are they for normal feet? do they fit me? are they designed for the terrain I wish to run ? are they financially friendly ? And that is it.


There they are. The first pair of retired running shoes. I have to clean them now and I will still be able to use them around. I am retiring them because I have run more than 700 km in them, and they deformed. After running 7 k in them I could not feel my left foot, it went numb. Several times. So I guess it is time to give them a break !

But this will not stop me running as I am … you know … a marathon runner ! Have a nice running weekend !


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