Why running ?

Attention ! This article does not take in consideration people who have run and doing sports all their life. Those are not normal ! I am kidding … maybe !

I am talking about regular people such as myself that left the bad habits take over their life. I am talking about people who smoke or have been, enjoy some greasy steaks, and some wine or beer or whatever. Maybe people who fancy chocolate a bit more than they should. I am talking about us. The normal humans !

I have said in a previous article that I used to do sports when I was kid/teenager. I used to do mountaineering till I was in my early twenties.The Carpathians are quite the place to do it ! I used to go to gym while I lived in Bucharest so by the age of 24 I was rather fit. I was smoking, drinking, eating, no restriction but due to the time in gym or other sport activities I managed to keep myself in a decent physical shape. And after 24 I started losing it. No more gym, no more football, no more mountains to climb. When I reached 27 and started my business I completely lost it. The work, the stress, the anxiousness of being my boss… got me well… fluffy ! 105 with a crescendo tendency!

The thing is, when it happens like that you do not really feel it. I think that I was like the frog that is being boiled. Doesn´t get it. I never thought about me that I am …fluffy ! Anyway, I was. In 2009 I quit smoking and lost some weight in the same time, actually lost quite a lot and got back to 83 ( this was not a healthy weight lost). But during the time I put it back and got again to 99. So in the last 5 years I got fat, lost weight and got fat again. Because I never actually realised how out of shape I was and what poorly my fitness level had become.

To go to the real subject of the blog : why running ? Because it gives me a nice feeling! Freedom-ish. Because I am in a better mode when I am done. Because I am more optimistic and I am more patient with day-to-day stuff. Because I am losing weight in a good way (bit by bit). Because I feel healthier.  Because due to the running training my stamina increased. Because it relaxes me and calms me down.Am I repeating myself ?  Because makes me be happy !

Why do you people run ?

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