Future plans and training program

Hitting the wall after the marathon made me reconsider some plans. Secret plans that is, but still plans. I will not change anything in my goals till the end of the year, so I will work to improve my 10 k time.

After the running experience I had on Sunday I also want to get more trail under my feet.

Ok, lets talk numbers than. My PB for 10 k is 53.08 set in April in a race in Oslo. Before than my PB was 58:46, set in November 2013 in Sweden ( my first ever race ). My goal for the rest of the year is to lower my time till 45 min.

In terms of races I will run just 2 more races this year. One in Norway, and one in Sweden. The one in Sweden it is the same as last year, in Stromstad and hopefully I will get my goal there. As my marathon training plan was conceived by yours truly, I will keep the tradition and I will develop my training plan. Which I have done !!!

The training plan it is simple and it is based on 2 weeks. I integrated my regular runs with SkiLøperne group in the plan as still for me to run with them it is a pain. Besides that …well …better show you !

Week 1  Week 2
Monday  Rest  Rest 
Tuesday  Skiløperne Skiløperne
Wednesday  Rest Rest 
Thursday  Drills+Track intervals+core Hills + balance & legs strength 
Friday  Rest Rest
Saturday  Skiløperne Skiløperne
Sunday  Rest Rest

Random: longer runs >20km 


So as you see one week I have drills + track intervals and core exercises. The other week running hills + balance and legs exercises. When I say drills I say …

I am not sure though, what intervals are best for building speed, so I am still searching on that. And in terms of core, balance and legs I am doing basic exercises, the type that you need nothing else but your body !

There it is my plan. You can give an opinion or two, I won’t mind.

In order to keep yet another tradition I will take a decision on some race I fancy on 25th of December 2014. I like  traditions !

I feel the need to add something : this is a guideline. I will try to keep it 100% but as I am not a professional athlete and I do have to work, and I do have responsibilities at home might be that I will not be able to … just to say !




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