Best run ever !

Trail runs forever ! Trail runs are so cool ! Trail runs are the best ! As you can see I am a bit excited! Sunday I just had the best run of my life !

We went to visit our friends in Halden and I took the opportunity to go for a run with the famous Norwegian friend that I talked before. The one and only … Glenn ! I will tell you more about him at some point.

Around Halden they have very nice forests and we had a great day as we haven’t met anyone on the trails!

Why is trail running so nice ? Well, do you remember that I have mentioned in an article that I always had the desire of running and each time I would look to a forest photo I would try to imagine how I would run in it ? Well, that is just why we have done on Sunday. 15.7 km of running …

The difference between road running and trail running it is quite big I would say. On a flat road you run with a straight movement, you do not need to jump, duck, climb or any other activities that are required in the trail running. I would say that trail running uses much more of your body than the road running and you kind of need to pay attention to what you are doing.

I haven´t so just in the beginning of the run I have stepped wrong and injured my ankle. Not too bad, just enough to feel it for the rest of the run.

2 friends and their dogs running through the forests, stopping to eat berries and having a bath in the lake ! Do that on a road run !  I dare you !

Some proofs that we had a great run …


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5 thoughts on “Best run ever !

  1. You´re always welcome. It is always good to be in contact with people, runners in this case, more experienced. I have seen your result and I bow myself to you! I can only dream to run that fast and that much !


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