The wall !

Nope, not the famous wall while running a marathon but a wall that I do not know how to name. I guess the proper name would be post marathon depression.

So how does this work ? Well, I can´t run. Since 21 of June, the day of the marathon I ran a 4.6 km on 22, a 13.3 on 28 and yesterday I had my first attempt on some intervals with the runners from SkiLøperne. I had to give up. I had a 4.4 warm up which went ok and during the intervals I had to stop.

Why I had to stop ? I felt tired, physically and mentally. Could not get the motivation to continue. Felt a bit weird and weak. I read about post marathon recovery and I was quite aware of this but it took me by surprise as on 28th of June my run went quite good. So I guess there are no intervals now and I might go for a while with the SkiJøgerne group where the pace is more relaxed … sometimes …and I will skip all the intervals sessions for at least more 2-3 weeks.

See you later !


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